Diferencia de versión entre la iso de la web y si la genero yo mismo

He sentido curiosidad por el proyecto y he bajado la iso de la página web [Rockstor-Leap15.3-generic.x86_64-4.1.0-0.install.iso con 600,9 MiB (630.063.104).

Lo siguiente que he hecho es generar mi iso a partir de https://github.com/rockstor/rockstor-installer
he seguido las instrucciones y todo ha sido perfecto, salvo en algo que me ha llamado extraordinariamente la atención:

me ha generado la siguiente iso: Rockstor-NAS.x86_64-4.0.8-0.install.iso 649,9 MiB (681.508.864) --> Log

no entiendo porque la que he bajado es x86_64-4.1.0-0 con 600,9 MiB (630.063.104) y la que se genera es x86_64-4.0.8-0.install.iso 649,9 MiB (681.508.864)

¿a que se debe esa diferencia ?

Ola @soyasi and my apologies for no Spanish. I have a little Portuguese now but not enough just yet.


Via google translate:

I was curious about the project and downloaded the iso from the website [Rockstor-Leap15.3-generic.x86_64-4.1.0-0.install.iso with 600.9 MiB (630.063.104).

The next thing I have done is generate my iso from https://github.com/rockstor/rockstor-installer
I have followed the instructions and everything has been perfect, except for something that has caught my attention:

I have generated the following iso: Rockstor-NAS.x86_64-4.0.8-0.install.iso 649.9 MiB (681.508.864) --> Log 1

I don’t understand why the one I downloaded is x86_64-4.1.0-0 with 600.9 MiB (630.063.104) and the one generated is x86_64-4.0.8-0.install.iso 649.9 MiB (681.508.864 )

What is this difference due to?

This is easy to explain. Whenever you build a new installer it pre-installs all the updates for all the packages at the time of the build. Our build of 4.1.0-0 is now getting on a little so there are many updates to be applied after install. I will do a fresh build soon so they are included within the installer out-of-the-box (in the download).

So in short, when you build the installer it uses the latest updates. And given there are updates to the packages we use almost every day a build can change size and nature almost every day.

The version/installer-file number is just from the config file. When we build we auto-edit the following sections:

And there is also the “rockstor” package version used in the installer build defined here:

And in fact although only cosmetic you have found a bug there so I have opened the following issue to address this default:

Thanks for the report and I hope that helps to explain these anomalies.

For the time being you can simply edit the file before executing the build and you will have the correct file name there-after.

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@phillxnet Muchas gracias por la respuesta, me imaginaba la respuesta del tamaño de la iso, pero me desconcertó que generase una versión anterior a la publicada. La verdad es que me está gustando este proyecto bastante, espero poder colaborar un poco más. Entre los que he visto basados en opensuse, es el que más me ha llamado la atención. :ok_hand:
Buen trabajo. Have a lot of fun… :smiley:


(Following this as an exercise for my Spanish, which is poor)

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