Disc Role Configuration [Solved]

So trying to wipe some new discs that I’ve added, but can’t find the “Disc Role Configuration” page. I’m on the Storage/ Disc page with the list of drives, and can see the ones I’ve just added. When I click on the drive name, I get a SMART details page, when I click on the tiny “I” I go to the Dashboard. I can click on the tiny lightbulb, but get a tool dialog, I’ve clicked on both of the power icons, but nothing. I KNOW I’ve seen tis page before, but now can’t find it… :frowning:

soooo when I hover over the tiny i at the end of the name, I’m seeing “member pending”. Guessing I need to wait for this to change ?

even later still–> I put the discs back into a different computer, and erased them. Got to the Disc Role Config page, got them all erased, and a new Pool set up.