Disk Activity question

What does it mean to sort the disks by “draft”? I’ve wondered for some time and am finally getting around to asking.

Thank you.



Well here’s the good news… I was sure that this is one of those things that I ought to know. That’s good news? Yes, it is good news - others don’t know either- I’m in good company!
As I read this back to myself, I see how it could be interpreted badly. Rest assured, I’m really feeling good here! No complaints!


@wdc Hello again.


Yes, me too. :slight_smile:.

The code that does this widget is here:

Click to see the whole function.

Contributions on a write-up are, as always, welcome :).

This was contributed by the prolific contributor at the time @Flyer. I’m afraid my own JS is kept to a bare minimum: for good reason.

Hope that helps.

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Looking further up in the JS template, it seems the sort order is defined by this:

implying that reads completed is the top criterion here.

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I found that as well and was trying to figure out if that’s how it traced through the code (and I’m not a jscript guy either). Based on that, I think I would call it a measure of “disk activity” as it is a variety of IO measures exclusive of the amount of data being moved).