DIY Accessories in the Shop

Hello all,

We’ve added a new DIY Accessories category in our shop for Rockstor tested accessories that should be of interest to many of you. A lot of users are installing Rockstor on old PCs, servers and building their NAS in a respectable DIY fashion. Some users asked for help with choosing components and others gave ideas and shared their findings. We are bringing it all together by offering components(add-on cards, cases etc…) that are tested and in use by us. We are not going to rush the evaluation process, so products will be added when ready. We are starting with a PCI-e mSATA + SATA III, but a few more are coming soon.

Your purchases, ideas and feedback are welcome!

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Hello all,

We’ve added a 16/32 GB boot drive (PCI-e mSATA SSD) in the shop that you may find useful. It’s no fun to use up an entire HDD for the OS or run it from a slow USB drive. This boot drive is a much better alternative. I’ve also written a short blog post about it.