Django exception after installing (3.8-12)

After installing RockStor 3.8-12 and rebooting, I cannot access the device over SSH or HTTP(S). The device is pingable though and shows a command line locally.

I think the issue is that RockStor cannot start as there is a problem with the Django config. When trying to start RockStor locally in the console, you will get the following error:

django.core.exceptions.ImproperlyConfigured: The SECRET_KEY setting must not be empty

I do not know how to fix this and where. Does anybody know what to do to get it running?


seems like this is a little old (showing 3d right now) but anyways,

so, from your description you have (at least) two issues.

  1. django and improperly configured (secret key) serving via https
  2. ssh access

so to go any further I’d say the ssh issue is the first step since you’d need it so fix the secret key. though I wonder why you have to set in manually, but I’m new to rockstor.

so, if you can ping the machine you should be able login via root@your_ip with your root password. if this isn’t possible …