DLNA on Rockstor?

This is a question that seems so simple I am a little embarrassed for asking. But if I want DLNA support on a Rockstor NAS. What is the easiest way to enable it?

@AnthGood, for the most part, if you want to be able to use DLNA to stream/access your media, then you can install either the Plex Rockon, or jellyfin. Both of those provide DLNA as a standard. Finally, there is also the Logitech Mediaserver Rockon.

Finally, though not that much overhead using either of these, you can look at installing (at the OS level) something like this:

here you can get an OpenSUSE package:


There is also BubbleUPnP:

Interestingly, it offers a container based on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (so you could build a custom Rockon or submit one to the official Rockstor Rockon repo), but I have not seen a package for it on OpenSUSE (haven’t looked really hard either).

So, you have some options