Docker config folders

Currently with normal docker installs if you just select the share folder you made for your docker configs all the files/settings get mixed amongst each other. Would it not be better if each Docker/Rockon that you install goes into its own sub folder within the folder you selected for the docker config shares

I know you could do this manually if you created the shared folders for each individual docker but doing this as default would be great, thus making it easier to edit configs etc for the each docker.

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@Porkie I wish I live to this day :smiley: . Great suggestion.

Instead of having rockstor to decide itself if it should create a subfolder, I’d prefer if I could choose any directory I want, not only the toplevel share directories.
That way you could create a subfolder in a single share for any rockons you install.
Or you could use its own share for each rockon.
Or you could use one share with multiple subfolders for a rockon which requires a config directory and a data directory and possible more.

To implement this, rockstor would need a file/folder picker. It would be great anyway if rockstor had an integrated filemanager :slight_smile: