Docker Container Config Files

I was wondering if anyone could please shed some light on this for me.
I am currently using deluge and its working reasonable, however the default configuration string being passed on container init isn’t exactly what I need…

At present it only passes the daemon (58846) and webUI (8112) ports through, however with torrents you really need it to pass through the incoming/outgoing ports in order to have correct connections?

Is there anyway to modify the config (files?) in order to open up a few more ports?

Thanks heaps for your help

Nice catch. I will take a look tomorrow.
I see the image creators recommend using the host option that will share out any port you configure in the application.
Not sure if this is optimal for this case.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:
I found that Deluge runs really slow on my connection (can barely get above 300kb/s) while transmission will download at 2mb/s+ not sure what the reason for this would be. Transmission is not a very nice piece of software and I am having rather large issues with the permissions of downloaded files so if Deluge could get fixed up it would be great :smiley:

Do you mind testing it for me? Rebuilding my NAS at the moment :slight_smile:

I added the port and also a minor correction.

Happy to but not sure how to build using that file? is there a guide? where does it live?

I wrote a few steps in the thread on pi-hole that you can modify to pull the deluge json but I can test it during next couple of days.