Documentation on RAID 1 seems too restrictive

The documentation in starts like this:

Blockquote A raid1 pool in Rockstor consists of exactly two drives. A copy of data on one drive exists on the other one. So a raid1 pool is simply a two drive mirror.

A btrfs raid1 pool can have more than two drives and such configurations are supported by the Rockstor UI. I think it is important to know that it is possible to aggregate multiple drives with resilience using raid1, especially as RAID5/6 are not considered ready for production use.

I believe this may be simply a failure of wording, in that with RAID 1 any piece of data exists on exactly two disks in the set, regardless of the amount of disks in the system.

IE: File1 may exist on Disks 1 & 3, whereas File2 may exist on Disks 1 & 4, and File3 may exist on Disks 2 & 3.