Does a rebalance show a percentage complete?

Hi! I am doing a rebalance, but under the “balances” tab at /home#pools/datatank I always see percent finished: 0 - is this normal?

Also if I abort a balance, e.g. by rebooting, it shows a percentage complete of 100% rather than aborted. Is this also okay?

Really enjoying testing this so far. Sorry for all the feature requests :smile:

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I think so, as in I don’t think it currently works very well.

When I was needing to rebalance, I was looking at the command line “btrfs fi show” output to see progress.

Please test away! and thanks for opening issues on github and helping us improve Rockstor.

balance reporting will be improved soon, btw.

Thanks. I tried btrfs fi show and I can slowly see the space being added to the other disks, then I tried btrfs balance status THING and I can see the percentage progress of the balance.