Does Rockstor benefit from more CPU cores or threads?

Does Rockstor benefit from multiple CPU cores or threads?
How many cores are enough?

@snake Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Given Rockstor is essentially a full CentOS 7 with elrepo kernel and a few more updated packages; whatever applies there applies here. Sort answer is “yes” more cores are better but this of course depends on your work load and the number of clients accessing and the number of docker containers / Rock-ons running.

I would say a minimum of 2 cores is best as there is usually at least a couple of things wanting cpu time at the same time but a single core machine is among the test machines I run on.

One might say there are never enough cores but 4 is nice, 2 is minimum, but a single core can do it but is rare these days anyway.

Hope that helps.

Just from my testing, i have currently a dual core Athlon 2 2600, and i find it slow with 5 rockons running.
This is with an installation on a USB with rockon configs on a drive pool.

But my next version will be using an old intel server board with twin 4 core 3ghz Xeons (8 cores total) and an SSD as the installation drive.
I had the rockon configs on a pool on the same drive.
During bench testing that thing was very fast, booted with rockons loaded in under 20 Seconds. It was crazy.

I think using an SSD and not an USB helps with keeping the CPU cycles clear for processing.
I am currently playing with stacking sata backplanes to increase capacity with limited board sata ports.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: