Does rockstor need 2nd nic card

Hi its my first time building a NAS, im building a NAS for my project related to NAS
my problem is my professor required a LAN card (NIC) so i have a 2 LAN ports 1 on the mother board and 1 on the PCI (LAN CARD)

i have 2 computers 1 for using the actual nas using virtual box and another for connecting to my nas system the NIC is connected to the 1st computer.

i finished intalling rockstor on virtual box on the 1st computer i configured it on the web-ui
my only problem is how to connect the another computer to NAS.
i tried connecting both to the router it works!! but i realizes that what is the use of another lan card that my professor required?? so i tried connecting the first computer to router (the 1st computer have the NIC and the NAS) and i connected the 2nd computer to the NIC card on the 1st computer . the 2nd computer cannot detected the nas.

can someone help me?? do i really need 2 nic card on building a NAS?? and does Rockstor need a internet connection to operate??

@tejaymark Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

No, a common configuration in multi network card configuration is to dedicate one to be used for the Rockstor Web-UI. That way it helps to separate concerns and reduces access to the ‘all powerful’ Rockstor Web-UI to those who also have access to that separate network. Ie general uses on one network, admin interface on another network.

and to your:

Yes, it does really as the updates come in via internet. This is something we are hoping to improve upon but it is still an assumption. This is also the case during install and initial setup.

I’m afraid I’m not clear on your actual network arrangement here as I don’t get the following:

So do you have Rockstor installed inside Virtual box, in which case what is the network configuration of the virtual box. It is common to bridge the virtual box virtual machines nic with a real network card. That way the virtual machine appears as if it is just another machine on the same network as the nic it is bridged with. So if that nic has internet access, so does the virtual machine.

Probably best to keep things as simple as possible to start with. It may be that you can simply bridge to the other nic on the real machine hosting your Virtual machine and fulfil both your requirements. I.e ‘… the professor required LAN’ presumably has internet access and given it’s also on the lan then your other computer (the client presumably), assuming it’s on the same lan, should also be able to see both the virtual machine (given the bridge config) and the internet, assuming that lan has internet access. So in short maybe the second network interface controller is redundant and can be ignored.

I Hope I have at least answered the Rockstor related network questions quoted.