Doing custom addons for Rockstor


I’m totally loving the NAS I built, thanks totally to Rockstor. I chose to use it because of my familiarity with linux, in particular because it is a linux that uses rpm’s.

SO Looking around I see a few people wishing for a Sabnzbd Rock-On for it, and I am not the patient type :wink: ( This is what will free my PC!)

What I’d like to know:

Has any one started working on this who could share some of their trials?

Assuming NO, I’d like to try adding the packages required for this manually. Is this the correct way? or is there some way to separate what I add for this (like making a new share etc. to keep it separate the way the current Rock-Ons do., and how do I tell things where to install in this situation?)

At this point I’m not overly concerned with integration into the Rockstor UI ( since I’d like to just TRY) but if anyone has some links or info to help get me started I’d really appreciate it.

Oh, I did look around but didn’t find anything really that points me in the right direction.

Thanks for a great project! If i can get things to go without trashing everything I’ll certainly post my findings


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I think the best way would be to build a Rock-on as it keeps the packages/dependencies separate to the core rockstor OS so there’s less risk of breaking something.

I’ve used LXC/OpenVZ (actually i use LXC in Proxmox for some stuff I don’t need a full VM for) before and I’ve played with running docker images before, but I’ve not yet tried to build one yet.

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@Tony_Stark Welcome to the Rockstor community. Oh and I agree completely with the Docker approach suggested by @Dragon2611. Definately the way to go especially given the future plans for Rockstor’s Rock-ons which are simply Docker units that happen to be tied into the UI. This way if you get your Sabnzbd Docker definition as you like it there is a high chance that others will like it also and if you were happy with a GNU AGPL v3 licence then you could submit it to the rockon-registry repository. for future inclusion when the outlined framework in the wiki post linked above comes into being.

Of course in the meantime you can be using and refining your Sabnzbd docker config and running via the command line.

Hope that helps and do let the Forum know how it goes; or ask any further questions of course. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a newbie docker wise but there are definitely other here who are willing and able to assist.