Dumb-Ass user error

Me and my pea brain did some stupid thing.
Thru the RockStor Gui, I tried to share the ROOT install partition and change the GROUP permission to “Admin” instead on “root”. As of now I can no longer access the web GUI interface to make the change, nor can I access in SSH (Over network) the server… but I can access the server physically.
Can some one help me?
And by the way, I’ll keep looking around for a solution other than reinstall. :wink:

@Baguaman Hello again.

I’ve vote for a re-install. We have since removed this ‘dodgy’ surfacing of the ambiguous ‘root’ share incidentally. Sorry you got caught by this earlier incarnation of Rockstor.

There are just too many special cases for files and folders that you will need to exactly re-establish for it to be workable in my opinion. If you are determined then you could do a fresh install in a VM and compare and contrast. But it will take you hours and you may still end up missing something.

If you didn’t create an shares on your system drive then a re-install shouldn’t be that much work. Given you can import your prior data pool directly there after.

You could write a program that scans the entirely of the root filesystem of a known fresh Rockstor install and stores the user.group and file access stuff ie the rwxrw-rw- and then have this program regurgitate that info over the top of your toast install. But that would miss all differences that exist from the donor system in comparison to your toast system.

We do have the following Howto on re-installing: Reinstalling Rockstor

Hope that helps.

Thanks Phillxnet!
I’m on “https://sourceforge.net/projects/rockstor/files/” but theonly ISO file up to date is 3.9.1 from 2017 . Is there a other place where I can get the latest 3.9.2-52 or something newer?
And by the way thanks for the fast help you all offer! :smiley:

@Baguaman Re:

Unfortunately we don’t yet have another iso out. But we have one in the works that is our “Based on openSUSE” variant but I first have to make sure we are all ‘proper’ re openSUSE / SuSE tradmarks before we can release that one. But you can install the old 3.9.1 iso and subscribe to stable and it will update the base CentOS and upgrade all the way to 3.9.2-52 (released today) on the rockstor package side. But it will take ages as there are now many hundreds of MB of downloads for all the upstream stuff, and during this upgrade the Web-UI will disappear for a bit. Just be patient and give it some time.

Let us know how it goes.

And if the latest stable doesn’t suit then our CentOS testing channel is very usable and a lot newer than the iso install, but still old unfortunately as we are now working towards our openSUSE variant. If you go the CentOS testing channel route and then update to latest CentOS Stable channel; make sure to take a note of the following forum post:

Hope that helps.


So thanks for the info. I’ve reinstalled and subscribe. Well as you were saying. You’re working on an OpenSuse version of RockStor. How far should I go as to my integration of this CentOS version in my environement (Home project that is)?
I was digging in to the MySQL/MariaDB for my NextCloud other stuff. Should I left it as it is or go on as the migration to OpenSuse will be painless?

@Baguaman Hello again.

Glad your sorted again, and note that in the newer Stable releases there is now no surfacing of the ambiguous ‘root’ subvol.

Super. Make sure you have the Enable/Disable quotas in Pools as otherwise you may not actually be running 3.9.2-52 But if you went from the iso to Stable then you are probably OK.

Assuming you have not used/created any shares on your system disk, which is not advised, then this should all be fine as the move from our CentOS vaiant to the 'Build on openSUSE" version should just be a config save, shutdown, detach data pool, re-install openSUSE variant, shutdown, re-attach data pool, config restore.
@Flox has also just added Rock-ons to our config save/restore elements, complete with add-on shares etc.
See the last following post for the most recent changes:

You might also like to take a look at @Flox and my testing of this Rock-on config save / restore as we both tested it in the context of moving from a CentOS base to our proposed Build on openSUSE base prior to merging the code and releasing it in 3.9.2-52:


And assuming all config and data shares are on the data pool, and ideally also the rock-ons root) then all changes/tweaks you’ve made to your Rock-ons should move over with your data pool. Currently the code used to make our CentOS Stable and our openSUSE alpha testing is the same. However it takes slightly different paths to account for the different distro’s ways of doing things.

Oh and as a teaser our openSUSE installer is much much simpler, a lot faster, and currently only 461.3 MB. Just a few more blocker bugs to do, and the odd clean up, and then make sure we clear the openSUSE SuSE trademarks checks and we can release it.

Hope that helps.

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