Edit operations are not allowed on this pool (ROOT) as it contains the operating system

I’m running Rockstor 4.0.4. The system drive is a single SSD. I want to add a second SSD and make it RAID1 but resizing isn’t allowed on the root pool. The boot drive howto indicates that the support isn’t there yet for v4. Is that still the case?

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Its my understanding that a raid1 system drive setup is not currently supported, even in v4. It might be possible if you have good btrfs skills via CLI, but I could also be wrong there, and might even cause other issues with how the GUI interacts with the underlying system.


Thanks @GeoffA, that’s pretty much it. We don’t yet support multi device system pool. There are also, I believe, some upstream grub issues that have yet to be resolved to fully support this as well. But on our side we have some much newer code for managing btrfs-in-partition for our data drives. But for our system dive it’s unfortunately still using some older far less capable/flexible code to ‘hack’ in a btrfs-in-partition capability. So the plan is to first kick out the older code ‘special cases’ so that the system as a whole uses the newer cleaner code for btrfs-in-partition for both data and system pools. We should then, in theory, be able to support multi-device system pools. But that is not likely to be any time soon. But is is planned just on the basis of throwing out the older code and simplifying on the newer code across the board.

Hope that helps. And yes, the Web-UI is likely to be pretty confused by such an arrangement done under the hood but then currently you will also run into some long standing grub/systemd issues that also are awaiting attention.