Emby: media share not addable in Library

I just installed the Emby Server as a Rockon. I managed the folder owner and permissons with the id and gid while setting up. Even after a try with permissions at 777 or with root as user and other users I can not add Contents of the share in the Library. This is the Error when i try it.
The path could not be found. Please ensure the path is valid and try again.
When i enter the container I can see media is mounted as the right user and with the right permissions inside so the problem seems to be not the setup.
Anyone got an idea or the same problem?


I’ll try to help you with your problem.
It seems like it is not related to permissions as per your details, so I’m wondering whether it could be related to how to the shares setup. Would you be willing to share a screenshot of your setup summary? You can get such summary table when clicking on the little wrench icon next to the ON/OFF toggle. As an example, here’s what the summary for the Syncthing rock-on looks like:

You can also share a screenshot of the Emby webUI showing the path for the library setup.

This would be helpful to see what is set up and what is not (if there is any discrepancy).

In advance, thanks!

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Aha! Just been fighting with this myself! Cheers!