Emby playback issues

i am having a weird issue for some media. take the new show Silo for example. It plays fine on my PC but on my samsung TV it skips about every 5 seconds. i also see image tearing and ghosting. I thought it might be the transcode, but its direct play. then i thought it was the encode (shouldnt have been since it was h264 1080p) so i switched to the 4k version. same issues.

@katesmith1304 welcome to the Rockstor community.
I have moved your post to a new topic as it only peripherally related to the topic under which you posted originally.
I assume, that your playback issues are with the Emby Server Rockon? As there can be quite a few underlying issues such as network connection type/quality between your PC vs. your TV and the underlying hardware you are using, this might not be the best forum to get an answer to this issue.
Have you taken a look at the Emby forum (e.g., Linux - Emby Community) for further clues why this might be occurring?
Assuming, you confirmed that transcoding is not active during your playback; you mentioned that it should have been Direct Play, but I have observed that both Emby and Plex sometimes seem to decide to transcode anyway due to the connection quality.
Does your server support hardware transcoding and is it configured it in the Emby Rockon?