Emby Rock-On - Network share access


I installed the Embyserver Rock-On. I start the emby web welcome wizzard and try to ad my media share from the network (samba share from the same rockstor server).

From windows I can access \srv-01\media without problems. But emby can’t access the path. I tried with ip, new install the rock-on but nothing helped. I think its a problem with the user rights. I created a user with UID and GID, granted this user access in the samba export and i can access the media share from windows with using this user.

Where can I lock for failures / logs? I am very new to docker :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you

I just wrote something similar in another topic, but I think you haven’t added your media share to the Emby Rock-on, which would explain why you cannot see this media share from Emby.
Try to follow the procedure detailed below and it should work (that’s how I set my Emby library):

Hope this helps!

Hi @Flox

thank you for your answer. I think this will help to access the media directly through a mount point. But i want to access the share via UNC Path :frowning:

Oh… Let’s see if I understand correctly what you’re looking for.
In Emby, both are actually possible and can be set on the same share at the time you create a new Emby library. If you want more info on accessing an Emby library, search the Emby documentation and its forum for “Optional Network Paths”.

In a nutshell, you can add your media share to the Emby Rock-on as I described above, which will allow you to create a new library within the Emby server administation webUI. There, you will be able to browse for your media share which will be added with its mount point. You have then the option to also specify a UNC (optional network path in the Emby jargon) which will help in direct playing instead of transcoding.

Let me know if this is what you actually are looking for…