NZBGet, setup map for downloaded files

I’m new with rockstor and have little experience with linux systems. I have two disk on my computer, a small one for rockstor main program and a big one for the data. I installed NZBGet but now I would like to send the downloaded files to a dedicated share on my data disk. In the NZBget settings there is a red button called ‘add storage’ after pushing I can select a share map (i can select here the share I created) but I also have to give the “rock-on directory”. I don’t know what I have to fill in there to make it work.

I hope somebody can help me out, I really like the rockstor.

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Hi @svberloo,

If I understand correctly, you have installed the NZBGet Rock-on? If yes, you can simply ‘add a volume’ to the Rock-on:

  1. in the Rockstor web-UI, turn off NZBGet Rock-on
  2. click on the wrench icon to edit the Rock-on configuration
  3. Add the volume you want to use (it needs to be created first) and submit the changes. I assume this specific Rock-on supports this feature but I don’t use it myself so I don’t know.
  4. Turn back the NZBGet Rock-on to restart it
  5. This newly-added volume should now be visible by NZBGet.

This should do what you are looking for if I’m not mistaken.

Hope this helps,

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Dear Flox,

Thanks for your response and clear description. I solved the problem by using your guild line. Thanks again! At point 3 there is a second field called “rock-on directory”. I used the default path that’s given in de error message (/data/media) that pops up if you leave it open. You have to use this path in de nzbgetprogram at settings/paths/maindir.

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