"Emergency mode"

The rockstor operating system was running fine until a week ago and since when I start it it goes into “emergency mode” and I don’t know what to do … Can someone help me ?

@Astral_8 This sounds like your system drive may have failed, or encountered a corruption that causes the “root” pool to fail to mount. What you are seeing is a drop out mode that is where the kernel is loaded and has initiated it’s first boot from the initram but then fails to find the ‘real’ root.

It may be that you will have to re-install on a new system disk and import your data pool there after. Ensure you have all updates installed before you do the import thought as this will improve your chances of a successful import. Normally there are no critical subvols (shares) on the system drive other than maybe your Rock-ons root so all your data should still be unaffected. But this does depend on you not having created any critical shares on the system drive.

Also note that if you are going to try a re-install, and your happy with the extra technical requirement needed, you could consider installing our far newer release candidate Rockstor 4 “Built on openSUSE” variant:

But note that AD and LDAP are currently still broken in that release. But if you don’t need these facilities then it should be feature compatible and a better option for a new install.

Hope that helps.

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