Encryption, need help


I would like to make one raid5 or raid 6 with 8x3TB drives.
To this point, that is no problem, but I would like to know, if I can use e.g 500GB or 1TB of the free space and make an excrypted share?

@ex3cution Hello again.

This is not as yet supported by Rockstor, only full disk LUKS on the encrypted side of things currently; so only really the entire pool (via LUKS device members). So you would have to employ a client side encryption system in the case of a part pool / share encryption scenario, or setup a seperate pool for this purpose and LUKS format it’s members: see our LUKS Full Disk Encryption doc entry.

I think there are plans within btrfs to do share level encryption but it doesn’t exist just yet as far as I’m aware. Upon it’s release it would be a nice thing to integrate within Rockstor though.

Hope that helps.

Tank you!
Then I will go with two new 1TB drives in Raid1.