Errno 11 error samba

help ???

@kurth Hello again.
This is a rather terse post, mostly it is best to provide the context in which an issue arose as otherwise it is very difficult to work out if we have a bug or intended behaviour as the actions that lead to the behaviour, in this case/report for example, are only known by yourself. But at a guess, given no other reports of this kind, I would say you have attempted to perform an action on your home subvolume which is not allowed: hence the “special system Share” reference. If you avoid using any shares on your system disk you shouldn’t run into this limitation. Rockstor tries to encourage seperation between system pools and general data pools to aid robustness; but it doesn’t holey enforce it. However there are some restrictions on the use of sub-volumes on the system disk.

The limitations this report references are advertised via the system pool’s (usually called rockstor_rockstor) details pages:

Warning! This Pool is created during install and contains the OS. You can create Shares in it like in any other pool on the system. However, operations like resize, compression and deletion are not allowed.

Hope that helps.