Error adding disk, says balance is running on pool but there is no balance running

Any ideas?

@rakista Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

What version of Rockstor are you using and what OS base is this. Top right of Web-UI for rockstor version and:

cat /etc/os-release

for the base OS info.

And are you running a custom kernel version? I.e as per our kernel backports how-to:
Installing the Stable Kernel Backport — Rockstor documentation

We have had mis-identified/stuck ‘balance in progress’ states but they were associated with older Rockstor versions.

Let us know the above info and hopefully this should help with identifying the problem and fix.

Hope that helps.

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ROCKSTOR 4.6.1-0

Linux: 5.14.21-150400.24.69-default

So proceed with the Kernel update and reboot, I guess?

Installed and rebooted.

Now - Linux: 6.4.3-lp154.4.g5ab030f-default

Works now. Thanks.

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@rakista Glad your now sorted.

I was actually asking if you had already done this to get the context/current-state of your system.

But that works also!!

Newer is mostly better on the btrfs front, and the likely cause of this was us not updating our own ‘tally’ of the last scrub. But you are up and running again and we know of no known incompatibilities, plus with the newer kernel you get more bug fixes: bug generally it’s not required, especially now we are at 15.4.

However working is good and not working is bad so just keep us informed of any other issues and we should be able to fix them as as when.

Nice to see you are 4.6.1-0 (2 days old now). Note that if this is a production/non-development machine - take great care not to update beyond this version in our testing channel, as we are about to start a new testing phase. But 4.6.1-0 is our proposed first stable in the new stable phase (re release the first stable into testing channel before hand). The new Stable channel repos should open with this exact rpm any day now, and be followed up with maintenance fixes only. While we start on bigger updates etc in testing again.

Thanks for the feedback and keep in mind it is generally not required to install the stable kernel backport or it’s associated newer btrfs user-land, but that we also have quite a few folks who are entirely happy running these more cutting edge variants. They are also still required to enable read-write in the newer parity raid levels.