Error in volume scrub table

I have run into a problem with the scrub table in the volumes tab. I had a scrub running when I lost power at my apartment. I have since run a scrub from the command line and it has completed with no problems. However, the web ui has a scrub start time but has no end time for the scrub that was stopped due to power outage. Now it will not run any scrubs from the web ui nor will it run the scheduled scrubs and log them. I have tried to use the force check box but it does not change anything. I still get the error saying that a scrub is running.

Hi @aehinson welcome abord flight Rockstor! :slight_smile:

Can you post some logs?? (we can start from rockstor.log)


I hate to say this but I rebooted the system and ran an additional system scrub from the command line and the problem somehow corrected itself