Everything downloaded or copied form other computer gone after reboot along with settings

everything downloaded or copied form other computer gone after reboot along with settings

i had copyed about 10 gigs of files from a windows machine through the samba share to a folder on my rockstor server and had downloaded a few gigs with transmission on to the same share and now all those files are gone, don’t show up in samba or transmission but shows it under usage. the only thing i did was reboot the machine for a network reset.

i am going to answer my own question here

make sure that the system does a complete reboot when you ask it to be cause the dashboard will not do a complete reboot just a softreset

Thanks for the heads up. I wasn’t aware of that.

Glad you got it working again!

I appreciate the knowledge base building up here and thank you guys for it, but could you provide more specific information?

In this case, as far as I can tell, there shouldn’t be any difference between hard and soft reboot. I am assuming by hard reboot, you mean just power cycling the box externally versus, by soft you mean graceful reboot via the web-ui or the command line. In both variations, btrfs device scan should happen and rockstor-bootstrap service should mount all Shares to be accessed via samba, nfs etc… This leads me to think that, if there’s a problem, it’s probably with rockstor-bootstrap service and has nothing to do with how the machine was rebooted. But we can only investigate more and fix potential bugs with the help of reproducible steps or telling clues like logs etc…

Sorry, I don’t mean to be preachy but just want something useful to come out of posts like these.