Export/backup rock-on mappings before re-installing

I have noticed in recent discussions about updating rock-ons or getting different rock-ons to speak to each other (eg. Sonarr and Emby), that there are difficulties created by the need to uninstall and re-install.

I was bitten when having to setup my rock-ons again after rebuilding a RAID array. Although my rock-ons had their data and settings preserved, I couldn’t completely remember how I had mapped shares to individual rock-ons. This resulted in things such as Duplicati and Sonarr not being able to use the settings saved in their settings shares properly because they were looking for paths that were empty on re-install instead of finding shares with data. This was all fixable, but considerably increased the time to get back up and running.

I haven’t seen any suggestions regarding this yet, though I could have missed something. Could the following be useful?

  1. add an export button in the settings for each rock-on
  2. this contains PID/GID, mapped shares and anything else that might be used when setting up a rock-on
  3. when re-installing a rock-on, you an optionally can import this information from the exported file

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, @mattyvau!
It is indeed something that would help a lot this kind of situation. There were talks and thoughts about integrating the information you list into the existing backup/restore tool we have, but I also do like your idea refining this to a per-rock-on basis and add an optional “import” button when re-installing a rock-on.

Great, there’s so much going on right now it’s hard to keep track as a casual observer. Looking forward to the coming changes. I was going to post this as a reply in another related thread but didn’t want to hijack it at all.