Export not pointing to share after boot

Had several pools (Raid 1, pairs of 3TB drives) set up to service my VM dev environment as NFS shares. Shut down the Rockstor for vacation. After booting up, the ‘exports’ showed up as empty disk on the machine trying to mount the drives. (Symptoms similar to Somethings broken the Mounts?)

Drives are still visible, and the pools are intact. Using the UI (3.8.15-0) and shares look OK. Created a test share and it was created as /mnt2/test and points to the pool correctly.

However, the /etc/exports contains

/export/test 192.168.1.*(rw,async,insecure),no_root_squash)

which points to a straight directory on /export and not to the /mnt2/test, nor as a link to /mnt2/test As a result, the root file system is mounted instead of the /mnt2/test file system.

Looking for suggestions to resolve this in the short term (for example, edit /etc/exports or add a special link) as well as long term. I’m hesitant to ‘play’ with the mounts in case there are some side effects of which I am not aware.