External Access

hi im new to all of this so bare with me, i have managed to set up a file server with rockstor and its all running fine on my home network, what i would like to know is if it is possible and if possible how to go about accessing all my files from outside of my own network, not just music and movies which i know i could use plex for to share but for things like documentation and backups

if this is possible and some one doesnt mind sharing their knowledge with me on it i would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:


That is more or less what I am trying to do as well. It should be possible by using the OpenVPN Rockon and connecting to your LAN through that, but I cannot get it to work properly. I can access my home internet connection remotely, but i cannot see shared files yet. I believe this may be caused by settings that need to be changed in my OpenVPN server config files, but I cannot figure out where Rockstor keeps those files and what it calls them.

Hi. You can take owncloud for accessing your files renotely.
You find owncloud official and another rockon which is more simple to inplement but might not be the latest version. The official image doesnt work securely (https) at the moment… You find some more infos about penalize on rockstor and in thr forum.

Waiting for FTP service or Rock-on. The workarounds don’t work unless you are advanced enough or have the patience to fiddle with them.

So there is no way to use OpenVPN as a tunnel to gain access to your home network other than for accessing the internet? I thought one of the biggest selling points of OpenVPN was the secure connection to your home network so that you could safely access your local files remotely. Seems like a waste if that doesn’t work properly.

thats strange i did look at the openvpn rock on and thought it might be what i need but i tried owncloud and it only provided access to a specific share you set up for it which is not what i need i need access to all of my burrent shares without having to move all of my data into a filestructure under a owncloud share, however iv no idea how to even begin with openvpn :frowning:

That is indeed how it’s supposed to work. Try to diagnose your issue as follows:

Can you ping to addresses in your LAN while connected through OpenVPN? If you can, you should at least be able to reach their shares by IP address. If you can’t, traffic through the tunnel is not reaching your LAN and you have a routing problem.

If you can ping by IP address but not by hostname, the problem is DNS-related. If you can ping both ways, you should be largely out of trouble :wink:.

@tommy in theory you would set up samba and that would allow you to access your shares from a windows environment if that is what you are looking for. From there if you have an openvpn server set up you should be able to securely get into your network remotely and access your shares as if you were locally on the network. That is the part I am working on.

@Steven thanks for that! I will check it out and get back with my findings.

@Tangent_Revolution yeah that is what i am trying to get working too i already have a samba share i can use locally on my network or atleast i did i have now managed to mess up my whole system accidently changing user permisions for the root share and now i cant acess the server at all so iv emailed rockstors support see if they can suggest somthing im such a pro haha

So I am able to connect to the VPN… in fact I am sending this post through it. I can use the internet, browse my router, and Rockstor server as if I was local from the web interface. I can ping all my local ip’s and can ping by hostname as well. Yet i can still not see the shares on the LAN nor can the LAN see the shares of the laptop that I am on. I am completely at a loss as to what to do at this point. If there is some sort of gateway handshaking that I need to configure somewhere I have no clue what it is.

Well, it sounds good so far! Are you connecting from a Windows client? If so, you may have to enable Network Discovery and/or mark the OpenVPN connection as a private network instead of public.