Factory Reset to avoid reinstalls

While working on an issue where the temporary fix was to reinstall the entire system, I figured it would be a good idea to have a Factory Reset option to remove all user data from the DB. Currently it takes about 2 or 3 hours for a recent ISO of rockstor to install to my test NAS. Reinstalling rockstor is currently inconvenient.

The factory reset option could perform a few functions. Like wiping the system DB removing all user data and descriptors for all drives, or even simply replacing the production DB with a default one. If any rockstor updates are known to add data to the system DB, it might be a good idea to run those operations on the skeleton DB so the factory reset is compatible after an update.

I’m sure there are better ways to implement this, but I am no developer.


+1 I had to reinstall rockstor the other day, is a long-winded process.

+2 - i’ve had to reinstall twice now to fix weird errors. even if its as simple as being able to make a checkpoint of the fresh install for your particular system and just rollback to that instant

@phillxnet Have the devs had a chance to talk about it? Surely we will need lots of discussion on how best to tackle this.

@cron410 My hope is that this forum thread will facilitate said discussion in the community at large first. Ie anyone is free to chip in with how they think this feature might best be implemented. The activity and ideas here may then lead to a focused issue in GitHub, or possible several, and a consequent implementation (hopefully), assuming the need (above other current development aims) is apparent.

Does that answer your question?