Feature request : better password recovery mechanism

This is a request to have a password recovery via email feature, where the passwords for both root and user can be sent to an email. Currently, a users’ email is not captured during installation, but that could be useful for password recovery.

Hi @vinima, my personal opinion:

I can understand password/user recovery via mail + link for websites, etc, but i found it a little strange for a box running locally (or if in a different location we assume you can reach it via ssh over vpn or any kind of connection you prefer).

Rockstor user created during setup: don’t like the idea of credentials via mail.

[sys admin dress ON]
Rockstor box root credentials : I’ll never neither send root credentials via mail or allow a reset request-mail with link-temporary password mail system
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@flyer. Thanks for your answer! I understand your concerns in emailing root password from a system admin perspective.

My question is from an end-user perspective, who is not very good with ssh or vpn. I lost and forgot my passwords (both root and user) and then spent a few hours of my time reading and then following the instructions on password recovery documentation. http://rockstor.com/docs/reset-root-password.html. May be I did not do something right, but wasn’t successful in resetting root password in three tries. So solved the problem by creating a new root user and a different user name. And at the end of this exercise, did not have the time to finish the task I had planned to do on my Rockstor box. Granted Rockstor is not yet aimed at end users like me, but a simple user password recovery mechanism will be helpful.

Hi @vinima,
hope you didn’t find my answer like an unkind one!

So, you’ve disclosed your user experience, I’ve explained you my technical opinion, but…
…we can do better and work on it! :wink:


@flyer - nothing unkind about your answer :innocent:, it was helpful to see your point of view.

Thanks for opening an issue! :smile: