Feature Request: Historical graph of how storage share space / disk space is changing over time

I’m really enjoying Rockstor. It’s an exceptional storage solution thus far, and getting my machines to back up to it hasn’t been difficult.

As I look at the space being used by various backs in different shares, I was thinking it would be nice to see a time based graph of how the storage amounts change over time. With various machines and users in my household I’d like to know if a backup client software has gone off the rails and is starting to duplicate data, or perhaps data is not being stored properly…and a time based graph to see large jumps or oddly low changes in storage space might be a good indicator.

Maybe this can already be done, and I just don’t know how to expose the feature.


@bmcgonag Hello.

funny you should say that, I think, from memory, that we actually store this info in the database but have yet to get around to surfacing it within the Web-UI. And on a related note I also think, again from memory, that we never actually clear this info up so that would be something to look to when whoever ends up looking at this digs in to the issue in detail. And I agree, this would be a nice to have feature. You could create a GitHub feature request issue if you fancy:

You may get some one step up to do this in time.

Thanks for bring this up, much appreciated.

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Submitted to GitHub, and thanks for the link and information.

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… and have it generate a trend line and print ‘estimated time to 100%’ :wink: