[Feature Request] Separately snapshots for each user home folder

I’m new in Rockstor and I like the simplicity. I’m planning to activate the stable updates but I’m missing one or two nice features.
My Rockstore NAS will be used by about 3-4 Windows users. These users will use their home shares intensively. Therefore for a Btrfs NAS-Device it would be great to gave the users the possibility to handle the first backup fence direct by them self (without an admin call).

I’m not sure, but I can’t find a GUI-function which where I can activate a snapshot or ‘Shadow Copy Services’ for each user home folder (e.g. inside /home/alice, /home/bob, /home/jason). That means for me that Windows users can’t use ‘Shadow Copy Services’ inside their home shares. Snapshots and ‘Shadow Copy Services’ can only used within newly created shares .

To solve this behavior it would be nice to have child subvolumes for each user home folder.
With an additional global users home snapshot rule it would be possible to get a lot more safety.


@Oszilloskop Welcome to the Rockstor community.

Yes me too.

Can’t really help with you main question unfortunately but @suman and @Flyer (at least) are more informed re shadow copy / snapshot arrangements as they currently exist within Rockstor. I suspect a solution is to use a custom home setting of sorts within samba so that you can use a regular (non system drive) share within Rockstor for a users mapped home. That way you avoid what restriction exist within Rockstor, for the system drive resident shares (subvols) such as /home. Also gives better seperation re system and data. But as mentioned: not really something I’m up on so may be nonsense.

Of course as an open forum if anyone has this kind of arrangement ‘off pat’ within Rockstor then do please chip in.

Hope that helps at least a little.