Feature Request: SFTP or FTPS acces for multiple users on same share

Hi, i am new to the forum, this is my first post.
I built a new NAS and decided to put RockStor on it, i really like it.
Now i am looking for a way to give access to several users to a share over the internet.

  • I tried the built in Owncloud, but there i somehow have no access to the UI, in OfficialOwnclowd RockOn there are no seperate config and data directories
  • VPN connection to home network and accessing Samba share works, but is too slow, max 1 Mbit, i have 50 Mbit upload
  • SFTP connection works fine and is fast, but only works for one user

That is why i think it would be a nice feature to give multiple users SFTP access. It would be just an easy way to access the storage from anywhere and would make it much more useful for me

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Hi @div0 and welcome to Rockstor Community :sunny:

Thank you :heart:

Back to your questions:

  • VPN: I’m used to vpn my Rockstor env from remote and usually avoid samba out of LAN. Anyway, are you running OpenVPN? yes -> found this good article about OpenVPN tuning
  • SFTP: there’s an open issue
  • Rock-ons: asking community help (many users have OwnCloud)


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I am using Rockstor for one year now, and i think the developers are doing a great job here.
My NAS is at my parents and i am accessing it mostly over SFTP.
One of the most important features which i am waiting for since i installed Rockstor is to being able to access a share over SFTP by different users, not only by one. This would greatly enhance the usability of Rockstor in my case, and maybe others as well.
I am really looking forward for this open issue to be closed, and i would pay for a subscription then :slight_smile:

This is very hacky and will need to be redone after a reboot or changes in the GUI.
Also your user will need the appropriate permissions on the other Dir.
Save the script quoted below to a file (e.g chroot.sh) add execute (chmod +x chroot.sh) and excute ./chroot.sh

Or just copy and paste the commands (with appropriate edits)

Obvisouly substitute the usernames/share names and drive names as appropriate
Do a ‘mount’ from the command line to see existing mounts you can work out share names from there.
Username is case sensitive (I.e the folder HAS to match your username exactly)

# Unmount the original chroot envrioment
umount -l /mnt3/Username
# make the dirs
mkdir -p /mnt3/Username/dir1
mkdir -p /mnt3/Username/dir2
# Remount the File systems we want access to.
mount -t btrfs -o subvol=ShareName /dev/sdd /mnt3/Username/dir1
mount -t btrfs -o subvol=Share2Name /dev/sdd /mnt3/Username/dir2
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@Dragon2611 I tried your method and it works for me.

I’ve created SFTP access for 50 peoples, with everyone have a 20GB personal shares, and all of them have access to 1 main shares (Company Wide Share).

I use these command to allow rwx access to the 50 peoples to the mainshare:

chgrp ./mnt3//
chmod g+rwx ./mnt3//

However, still haven’t find solution to mount the mainshare to each users during reboot.

Anything else that I should do aside from that?