File Manager for Rockstor

Is there a RockOn for making File Management at server level.
For example if we add a disk and want to move the media files to it without going trough shares witch takes forever?

Nothing that I’m aware of.

How much you want to get your hands dirty ? If you do:

  • connect to your rockstor via SSH
  • install “mc” (via command “yum install mc”)
  • run “mc”
  • you got two panel file manager at the hart of your data.

Thanks that is more than enough. Thanks for the help.


Fantastic, brings me back to my Norton Commander days :slight_smile:


So you will like it :slight_smile: just remember that as with NC, MC letts you shoot your self in the foot without any warning :slight_smile:

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I am actually looking to replace my low power synology with a higher powered Rockstor server. I find that I am often moving files around with my mobile devices and using a terminal is not really the best interface for this. I see a lot of value in having a web based file manager… How do we go about requesting this?

@phillxnet is your man - he has some very usefull howto’s on how to make it your self (dead simple btw)