Filesystems & migrating = migraine?

I consider moving my nas4free to rockstor.
I do not have 2 nas machines, so copying data through ethernet is not possible for me.
In nas4free I have several ufs2 geom raid1 and several ufs2 single drives.
Can rockstor mount these and copy from them ? If so, how? no need to write to these drives, just for migrating.
Also, I move data between some offline machines with a ext4 drive. This drive could also become fat32 or exfat or ext3, but not btrfs as btrfs does not work on osx and I need to use this drive on some offline osx machines as well.
Can filesystems like ext4 or fat32 or exfat be plugged into rockstor for read-write moving data with and between offline machines? if so how?