First install new hardware, NVMe troubles

First of all, Hello boys and girls, and thank you Rockstor team for this OS and your followed support.

A bit of history, up until now I had an Asrock B75M-ITX with an intel G2020 and 8 GB DDR3 under Win storage server 2008. The system was setup on a Sata SSD and the only PCIe port on the mobo was taken by an Adaptec 52445, Raid 6 with 12 toshiba 3TB. All of that in a RM424 like case, so I have some space to work with and evolution possibilities.

It’s not big on performances but I only used it for storage, FTP, download and TS connection, nothing fancy but it did the job. Four year later and just one dead HDD, I’m pleased but space is scarce.

To be sure not to have a long down time and preserve my data, I manage to find another adaptec 52445. I never tested anything like recovery between cards or anything, but now I decided to crank up the power and be an adult:

For test purpose, high speed, lots of ports HBA and maybe a 60 drives Backblaze pod in some years, I bought two Highpoint Rocket 750 for a low price (550€, yes I’m from France).
As for the hardware, Asus P10S-WS, CPU Xeon 1245 v6 and 2x 16GB DDR4 ECC, and 12 more 3TB Toshiba HDD, 2x Kingston KC1000 240 Go Raid 1 for the OS.
And my still alive Corsair AX750 for the PSU, which will be enough as both the adaptec 52445 and the Rocket 750 have staggered spinup capability.

Now for the little problem encountered during my install.
Before jumping head first on Rockstor with the new hardware, I tried several installation on VM and hard drive to get use to it (it has been 15 years since i tried mandriva and nothing since, I know I suxx on linux for the time being).

Mobo up to date, setup for UEFI and legacy, AHCI and go, Rockstor iso on my zalman VE350, cause I don’t like to make usb bootable sticks, and I follow the tuto.

Everything great, rockstor logo, I choose “install rockstor 3.0”, seams to load and bam: dracut-initqueue[599] and it’s over.
Many tryouts later, I have dracut-initqueue[595] and Pane is dead.
Looking for some answers before whining on the desk, I only found happy users of NVMe SSD and a case of configuration after cloning from sata to nvme SSD.

Light-bulb in my head, what about trying that last one. Okay good, let’s go, I plug a sata SSD and star again.
Woaw, it works, the menu appears and I can see all the hard drives, even the NVMe ones.
So I followed the tutorial for the linux raid with and extra HDD all the way through and it worked.

I don’t know if I overlooked a topic speaking about it or if everyone else had a sata HDD plugged on the mobo along the NVMe drives, but I’m still happy it worked and to not have to try some obscure linux command.

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Hoping it helps someone someday.

If you have suggestions, I’ll be happy to learn.

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After some trials and errors, I manage to make a raid0 of 2 NVMe drives for OS and rockons.

As for storage, I have to abandon the Rocket 750, nobody is willing to update the drivers for the recent kernels.

The good old adaptec 52445 was my savior.
I had to bring back to life an old computer with pci-e and a floppy drive to update both my raid cards.

So far and still experimenting, I have 4 raid5, each of 6 HDD of 3To.
As BTRFS is still not ready for raid5 or 6, I went for a soft raid0 under rockstor BTRFS of the 4 hard raid volumes.

It’s still BTRFS, and with 4 possible failure over 24 HDDs.

It’s time to test the Rockons…