Formatted Rockstor Drives


I externally formatted two of my three drives running on rockstor. The new partitions of those hard drives are now NTFS. How do I undo all of this and get rockstor back?

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Could you explain which drives you have formatted externally and what you exact problem is. Rockstor on the system side has only one system drive/pool labelled ROOT. Data dives are added and configured as you fancy. If you could explain more the history of what’s happened here that would help folks here on the forum help you get to where you want to be.

Rockstor itself is all and only btrfs. On the system drive and all data drives. One can manually mount and command line transfer drives/data to other btrfs formatted drives (without partitions ideally).

Take a looks at the following doc sections also:

And state some more history and context in your question here to help folks know the circumstance you find yourself in.

Also note that we now only support the v4 “Build on openSUSE” variant. New installers available here:

Hope that helps.

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I have had multiple drives installed on my rockstor system. I used to have a pool of all of them which was carved to have 5 or 6 shares. After a while, I moved some of the drives to another computer and formatted it to become NTFS filesystem. I have attempted to put the drives back into my home NAS and to my expectation it did not work anymore. I was wondering if I could recover all this data that was lost in the formatting and change in filesystem.


Rockstor’s Web-UI is only aware of btrfs. Now the drives have been reformatted as NTFS they can no longer take part in any pools. A wipe and reformat under the Web-UI will be required.


If you wish to regain the prior info from the pool they used to be a part of then no. This is not possible as I’m assuming too many drives were removed from the original pool. Only btrfs raid 6 can cope with loosing 2 drives to being wiped/reformatted or removed and repurposed. If however you are after copying the new NTFS hosted data to an existing Rockstor pool, then this is possible via a command line mount and copy.

Let us know more about the current state of affairs regarding the data to be retained (size and current filesystem) and available space on the existing Rockstor pool, assuming it is healthy. Another option of course is to copy the NTFS hosted data (if this is what you want to save) over the network to the existing Rockstor hosted btrfs pool. You could then, if space allows, add each drive in turn back to the Rockstor instance once it’s data has been copied over.

Hope that helps.