Forums link on is broken for first-time visitors (and private browsing sessions)

Hey folks,

The ‘Forums’ link under the ‘Community’ dropdown at the top of points to this forum on http which then times for new visitors because you guys don’t have any http server there at all, only https.

Now, none of you see this behavior because you’ve visited the working https version at least once and received the Strict-Transport-Security header that comes with it. This header basically tells the browser to automatically switch all http links to https… but you must have already visited the https site once for the browser to know about it. So it’s kind of a catch 22.

You can replicate the broken behavior by using a private/incognito browsing window.

The simplest fix is probably to just update the link on… but it may also be worth the trouble to set up a http server that automatically redirects to https.

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@nfriedly Thanks for the pointer and this is a great find.
I was able to reproduce this in Firefox (Fedora 23) but funnily enough not in Chrome (Fedora 23) which worked as expected. This looks like one for @suman or @ganti_priya to me.

@nfriedly Oh and in all the excitement I forgot the traditional - Welcome to the Rockstor community. Thanks.

Thanks! I don’t actually have a rockstor box up and running yet, but I plan to soon :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say that as a newbie, I just ran into this tonight as well using IE11. I was able to guess about using https instead, but it would certainly boost the site’s cred to newbies to make the referring link https.
Looks like a cool place – I’m looking forward to setting up a few Rockstor microservers!

Thanks for this post @nfriedly. I just fixed the redirect issue. Let me know if you still see any issue.