Freeze on startup

Ok, now I’ve installed Rockstor on my target server.

Setup went fine, only one Issue left with my HDDs where I’m going to create a different topic for.

the server is a xeon system with this supermicro mainboard:

Now if I startup the system, either “from zero” or a reboot, the system freezes when the blue and orange bar is visible. So output besides this.

this doesn’t happen every boot, so far I’d say 100% in case of a reboot and 50% in case of a fresh boot.

Can anyone help me elaborate this?


seems to be solved - I did some tweaking in the BIOS settings - now it didn’t happen anymore for about 5-10 reboots

Yes, was going to say that the erratic behaviour of crashing on and off would indicate a hardware issue.

Glad tot hear a BIOS setting seems to solve it.

Can you please recall what the BIOS changes may have been? Is it AHCI related may be?

No, it was AHCI before and after. So I didn’t touch this.
It happens the mainboard has some unexpected options to choose between ‘uefi boot’ and ‘legacy boot’ so I suspect this setting… Though the freeze happen after the boot, so tbh, I have no Idea :slight_smile:
I could paste the exact setting of this mainboard but this probably doesn’t help much.