Fresh install and update. Rockstor failing to start now

Hi all,

New and fresh install of version 3.8.15 on a HP Microserver N40L. Everything went fine.
Bought activation key and update with GUI to the last available version.
Now the autoselected version for boot is ending in this error.
Tryied to boot the 4.6 version and it is working but say it is not supported.
I am ney to this game and just want a stable NAS for small chores.
Any help is greately appreciated.

Thank you


@dm1tx Welcome to the Rockstor community.

This looks very much like an incompatibility with regard to the newer kernel on this machine.
I’m pretty sure we have already had reports of this and fixes (kernel options required) posted here on the form. A search for microserver (top right of forum magnifiying glass icon) got this one which I think is the one I remember:

Sorry I can’t help in more detail but take a look at that entire thread as it sound very much like what you are seeing. I.e. a requirement on the 4.12 kernel to pass additional kernel arguments via grub.

Hope that helps.