FriendlyElec quad nvme

Has anyone looked at installing on the FriendlyElec CM3588? This is a new ARM Rockchip system supporting 4 nvme drives.
I’m hoping to have one early summer to play with as they appear to be on backorder

@ravenet Hello there,

This looks really interesting. Our installer profiles intended for such devices would be the following:

  • Leap15.5.ARM64EFI
  • Leap15.6.ARM64EFI
  • Tumbleweed.ARM64EFI

Assuming the hardware is compatible with Embedded Boot or Server boot standards.

Let us know when/if you end up with one. It may be a dedicated installer profile will be needed. They do list a number of other linux distros:

  • Friendly OpenWRT 22.03 / 5.10 kernel (presumably their own customisation)
  • OpenMediaVault
  • UbuntuCore/Desktop
  • Debian Desktop
  • Android 12 TV

So presumably openSUSE (our Built on …) could be made workable.

@mcbridematt do you have any pointers re this CM3588 NAS hardware.

Hope that helps