Full disk encryption

It would be great to have full disk encryption support. USB pen drive with encryption key could be used to unlock device upon boot up. Is it planned?

I am looking for a NAS solution that supports btrfs with encryption (dm-crypt/LUKS). I consider encryption a must. As I am running my test installation of Rockstor in a VM with the system disk as a virtual image on an encrypted drive of the host (Windows 2008 R2 with bitlocker) and expect to continue running it as a VM I don´t care too much whether the key is on USB or somewhere else, but imho an USB key accessed during boot is definitely a good choice. Obviously I could also encrypt the drive using the host operating system and use a virtual image for the real data, but that would prevent migration to real hardware or a different host (I plan to migrate most of my stuff to Linux over time).
I am also willing to experiment with a drive I encrypt and mount on the command line, but at present I have no clue how to make this known to Rockstor to add shares etc. Any insight on this could help getting me started, and I might be willing to test and enhance documentation in return…