Future & ZFS / CentOS

I would like to know if OpenZFS will be supported and what will be the base since CentOS is obsolete.

I would like to try Rockstor, but seems no point just yet without OpenZFS. I would need to bring my pools from freenas over.

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Rockstor 4.0 is running on Opensuse. Its not finalised, but Ive been running it for months on my own basic filesharing setup (2 hdds, ssd boot). Seems to be great so far! Look around for any “Built on Opensuse” or beta posts.

Ill leave the ZFS statements to someone else though, I have no idea what that looks like on Linux these days. Lots of memory overhead but what an impressive filesystem, on Solaris at least.


@gwaitsi, @phillxnet can elaborate more, but Rockstor was created and is continued to be built using btrfs. The UI and tools are all geared towards that. Because of original design goal, and as far as I know, there are no plans for incorporating other Filesystems. Of course, you can continue to add other filesystem mounts, etc. however those would not be managed via the Rockstor UI.


@gwaitsi welcome to the forum. That’s an interesting question you pose. However, I personally doubt that Rockstor will or should embrace other filesystems, as I believe btrfs is the main USP of Rockstor.

If you wish to stay with ZFS but also move away from FreeNAS, I suggest looking at xigmanas which I use on one of my backup servers.

If the only reason you are waiting/hoping for Rockstor to embrace ZFS is to make the move to Rockstor easier, then I’d suggest building a fresh Rockstor installation using your existing disks (wiped of ZFS) and transfer the data from your backup.

There, I managed to get the ‘b’ word in this post twice.