Great operating system but small Problems

Hey Ho @All

I like your operating system and also have a license for 3 years.But there are minor problems.
From other forums I know there is the right and the wrong way,to talk to you about / tell it.
as would be correct, there is a policy?

sorry for my bad english, I speak German and use the translator.

Best regards


Ich glaub du kannst sagen was du willst :wink:
Was hast du denn für Probleme mit Rockstor?


Hi @12Matze21 Matthias and welcome to Rockstor community :slight_smile: <- (Rockstor hasn’t a specific policy about questions / comments /etc etc, just be kind and ask what you want)

Please tell us what you think about Rockstor and ask whatever you want to know :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answers

Pictures say more than words…

Problem 1:
After Update

system starts, but what does this error message?

Problem 2:
Samba share

in my system is a hard drive with 3 terabyte memory, this is enabled via samba.
after each reboot the release is not yet displayed correctly.

/Externe 6,67GB
that is not right

So I update every time the release of hand

Then it’s true

is it possible to solve this?

I hope I could express myself clear

Hi @12Matze21, I assume you’re using a Rockstor Rock-on, am I right???

Just asking this because I’m not a Rock-ons guru :slight_smile:


correct, Plex Media Server is installed,and running.
but also has problems with the samba release…

Ok, asking to @suman and @phillxnet because i think it’s 90% related to Plex and, as I told you, I’m not so good on Rock-ons (never used)



how do I get her attention, a message I can not send…

Adding suman and phillxnet names to my post i notified them so you don’t need to send any private message :slight_smile: (not “her”, they are both male)