Hard drive doesn't show up for pooling

Hey guys,
Complete Rockstor newb here. So I’ve got an installation of Rockstor 4.0.7 up and running on an flash drive, while I have an old Toshiba 500GB drive available which I wanted to use for a share.

I can see the hard drive under Storage/Disks and able to format it, which I did with the Whole disk option.

However when I go to Storage/Pool and try to create a new pool, I don’t see any disk listed for provision.

Does anybody know which step I’m missing here?

TIA for any assistance

@vnt87 Hello again.

That’s odd. I’m not sure what’s going on there. You could try a re-scan in the disk page first. Shouldn’t be necessary. Also a page refresh on the Pools page. It may just be a browser cache thing going on here.

Let us know how you get on with this.


Ok I think I got it fixed. I have a feeling the drive was flaking out on me whenever I switch screens so I changed the SATA cable and plug the drive into another port on the motherboard and it shows up just fine.
So yeah, it’s a hardware issue, not caused by Rockstor, my bad :smiley: