Hardware permessions


i’m toying with a TVheadend rockon, the container installs and works just fine but i initially couldn’t get it to recognize my tvtuner (passed it to the container by adding the opts: --device=/dev/dvb).

i found out that it was because the adapters in /dev/dvb all was owned by root:root so i tried to using chmod and it fixed the problem.

so now i’m wondering if there is a “classy” way to ensure that adapters under /dev/dvb gets the right permissions when i boot?

@HBDK The “classy” (I like that) way would be to use or modify a udev rule; that should be enough to help with searching on this. Not a detailed answer I know but udev will allow you to specify custom permissions or ownership of devices.

Hope that helps.

Thanks i worked.

i made a file named “60-dvb.rules” in “/etc/udev/rules.d/”

the file contains:

SUBSYSTEM==“dvb”, GROUP=“nobody”, MODE=“0666”

and ran

udevadm control --reload-rules

i works but i’m not sure how god or bad the approach is.

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