Hardware Specs for the new build

Hey Guys,
I am building my first Rockstor array and this is what I scoped out for componetns. What do you guys think?
Core i3 3.0GHz Socket 1155
Intel Motherboard
Sandisk 24GB mSATA SSD for OS
HP Dual Port NIC PCIe
3 3TB WD RED drives

Kind of vague here. My approach, FWIW, was to basically look at how people spec machines in the FreeNAS world, and so assuming better to use ECC RAM, and going for relevant MBs.

What RAID configuration? I went four of these drives, RAID 10.

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Add more disks! Which chassis did you go for?

You might want ECC RAM, depends on the data. Does the MB support 6 gig sata?

It supports Sata 6, its just movies so I just want to get the most usable capacity not so much performance and I have to get the model number of the board