Hello from french noob ;)


For a long time, I have been trying to replace my NAS software “ClearOS”, good product, but which is for me, and I hope that you will forgive me for using this expression, of a labyrinth.
Some features, not easy to understand or use, such as FlexShare or its GUI … for a noob like me.
The points that made me choose this solution were its free, its CentOS “engine” and its software RAID management via mdadm.
Switching to another solution was a real wish.
Testing other solution … FreeBSD and / or ZFS, no. Not for me.

Rockstor seemed to me to answer my research well.
This solution was installed … I can’t say easily.
The Rockstor forum offered solutions, but my English and my limited computer skills … So, after many tests and crashes. I read and re-read @jfearon’s post (HP microserver 10) and thank to @phillxnet’s for his patience and help.
And now, everything runs smoothly without crashes or errors.

Ah, yes, my system?
An HP microserver gen10 with 8GB of RAM and 4 HDD in raid 10 and a SSD for the system.

I still have the security to set up: intrusion prevention and detection then a video sharing engine to install, like PLEX but more light to configure.

Good luck to all and take care of yourself.