Hello, help please, pulling out my hair

Dear all:

Please note I have a small amount of experience with Linux but I am a Windows person mainly.

Right, today I built myself a NAS out of junk (c2d), 4gb of RAM and a few desktop HDs that I had lying around. I threw together a bracket for the two drives and they fit in the case.

Right I then tried openmediavault and now Rockstor and I am having the same issue in the same place.

Both distros install but I cannot find the ip of the computer (nas) it is installed on using any of the usual Linux commands. Also when I go into my router and find the ip that is associated with the NAS and I try and navigate to it I get a “this site cannot be reached” error. I have disabled my Windows firewall and tried to ensure that Chrome is an exception. I have also tried accessing it on my phone. All to no avail.

Please help, I am sure this is something so simple yet I am failing.

Welcome to the forums @Graham_Roberts

With Rockstor, usually, if you have a monitor connected, after the reboot it should give you the IP address and port for connecting to it. Do you not get to see that, or when you try browsing to that from another PC/phone, etc. it’s not responding?

Once it seems to be done after a reboot, you can see whether it’s really running by entering this command at the Linux console of the Rockstor box.

systemctl status rockstor

It should give you some information like this

on whether the service is even running, or portions failed, etc.

I assume, you installed Rockstor on its own drive/USB/SSD, correct?


Hi Dan:

Apologies for the late reply, I have disconnected it for today as I had work to do. I aim to power it back on tomorrow and see what I need to do as I haven’t quite calmed down from my previous experience, and I don’t want to frustrate myself again.

I installed it from a USB stick to a HD in the system that I had repurposed.
I can get to the cmd propmpt login and put password in etc, but I am not given an ip address at all.

I will look into your suggestions tomorow.



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