Help me revise our Mission

Hello Everyone,

You may have read our mission on the website. It was written a while ago before many of you joined our community. I’d like to get you feedback in revising it. Please provide your ideas, ask questions, share comments, concerns, recommendations etc…

I’ve pasted the current one below.

Our mission is to empower users with Rockstor – the ultimate Linux and BTRFS based NAS operating system, to help consume and manage storage smartly. We work towards fulfilling it in the following ways.

Open source and community focused. We develop Rockstor with complete transparency, listen to our community and provide commercial support for those who need it.

Simplicity, Usability and Extensibility. Rockstor UI is simple and provides rich user experience. Underneath it, we provide modular framework and API to easily extend functionality.

Decentralized cloud storage. Rockstor provides private cloud storage to clients in the network. It empowers users to better manage privacy, security and freedom by complementing and integrating with public cloud storage.

Efficient storage. We help consume and manage storage efficiently with insights and analytics about underlying resources.

Since I am away on holiday my answer will be short.

I really like the current mission as it is stated.

If anything should be changed, I think the focus should be on the simplicity/usability, and get the ui a little more solid, before concentrating on expandability.

Make the ui experience infallible (as much as possible), then add features to the system.

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